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How Much It Cost To Hire A Private Helicopter
How Much It Cost To Hire A Private Helicopter
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How much it cost to hire a private helicopter, people often ask me exactly how much it will cost to hire a helicopter. They have a budget, they know they want to travel somewhere, and they ask me how much it would cost.





But how much an average flight cost depends on a variety of different factors, so I created this simple chart to help answer that question and give you a general idea of what your trip may cost to fly.





Let's face it - even a small group of people can be a daunting task to handle when you have one day to schedule everything.





This is why many people will hire a private helicopter that can take them from point A to point B quickly, comfortably, and in style.





Air travel has become a common way to get from point A to point B in our society. From buses and airplanes to even cars we have a lot of transportation options.





That's not to mention when we're feeling especially rich, we can hire private helicopters. Here are some facts about private helicopter flights for you to consider in your next flight choice.









How much it cost to hire a private helicopter







Private helicopters are usually used by the rich and famous, but they're also available to anyone who can afford them.





If you want to charter a private flight, how much will it cost? Private flights can range from $2,000 to $10,000 per hour.





Here's how much it costs to fly on a private jet:





On average, you'll pay about $800 per hour for a small jet and $2,500 per hour for a large jet. For example, if you're flying from New York City to Miami in a Cessna Citation CJ4 with four seats, this would cost about $4,400 per hour (including fuel).





If you wanted to go from New York City to LA in an Embraer Phenom 300 with eight seats, this flight would cost around $6,700 per hour (including fuel).





These prices are based on average costs of operating these aircraft models.





However, there are many factors that can affect these prices such as the availability of aircraft at the time of your flight or whether or not you share the aircraft with other passengers or companies.





Private jets can also be rented out by individuals or companies that don't own their own aircraft.





The cost of hiring a private helicopter is between $750 and $2,000 an hour. This includes the pilot’s salary, fuel, maintenance and other costs.





If you plan on traveling with a large group of people, it might be cheaper to rent multiple helicopters that can accommodate up to eight passengers each. The cost per person would then be between $200 and $400 per person.





The price will vary depending on the type of helicopter you choose. Helicopters that can carry two or three passengers are less expensive than those that can carry more due to their smaller size and reduced maintenance costs.









How much does a private helicopter cost?







The cost of a private helicopter is dependent on several factors, including the size of the aircraft and the amount of time you plan to use it. The type of helicopter you choose will also affect its cost.





A basic Robinson R22 costs around $285,000, while larger helicopters such as the Bell 407 run around $735,000. The most expensive option is a Sikorsky S-76C+ at around $1.5 million.





The cost of operating a private helicopter depends on how much time you spend in the air.





For example, if you fly for an hour each weekend and have your own hangar at an airport, your operating expenses will be much higher than if you only fly occasionally during business trips.





To calculate the cost of owning and operating a private helicopter, multiply the hourly rate by how many hours per year you fly and then add any additional expenses such as hangar fees or maintenance fees. If you're considering purchasing a new aircraft or upgrading to a larger one.





Consult with an accountant or aviation professional to determine what this will cost and how much money it will save over time compared to renting every time you want to fly privately.





Private helicopters are owned by individuals or companies and are used for personal use or business purposes.





The cost of a private helicopter will depend on several factors, including its size and type, as well as the location of the airport from which it will fly.





The average cost of a small one-passenger private helicopter is about $30,000. Larger helicopters can cost up to $60,000.





Private helicopters are generally used for personal travel and business purposes; however, some people use them for recreation as well.





They are generally smaller than commercial aircraft and can be controlled by one person instead of multiple crew members. The minimum number of seats required for a commercial flight is two;





however, private helicopters do not have this requirement because they are intended only for one or two passengers at most times.





The average cost of a small one-passenger private helicopter is about $30,000. Larger helicopters can cost up to $60,000 depending on their size and condition.





These prices vary depending on where you live so be sure to ask your local dealer what they charge in your area before purchasing any aircraft equipment!









How far can you fly in a private helicopter?







The answer to the question of how far you can fly in a private helicopter is, it depends. The range of a helicopter is not fixed and varies from model to model.





However, there are some general guidelines that can be followed to help you understand how far you can fly in a private helicopter.





Private helicopters have a different configuration than commercial helicopters and as such, have different performance characteristics. We will look at these factors below:





1) Fuel consumption - The average fuel consumption for most modern helicopters is about 1 gallon per mile (4 liters per km). This means that if you travel 100 miles (160km), you'll need about 100 gallons (380 liters) of fuel.





Your exact consumption will depend on your weight and the power setting of your engine but this should give you an idea of what kind of range you can expect from your helicopter.





2) Engine power - Helicopters use two types of engines - piston engines or turbine engines.





Piston engines are more common in luxury private jets helicopters as they're cheaper and simpler to maintain but they tend to be less powerful than turbine engines which allow them to carry heavier loads at higher altitudes with less effort on the part.





Most private helicopters have a range of around 350 miles, but they can fly even farther than that. The Bell 407 and Sikorsky S-300 are two examples of aircraft that can fly up to 450 miles without refueling.





The size of the helicopter's fuel tank determines how far you can go in it. The larger the tank, the farther you can fly before needing to refuel.





Most private helicopters have fuel tanks that provide between 100 and 150 gallons of fuel. This means that most private helicopters can fly for 2 hours or more on one tank of gas (according to the FAA).









How much is a two person helicopter?







The cost of a two person helicopter will depend on the model, make and year of the helicopter. The average price for a two-person helicopter is between $200,000 and $400,000.





If you want to purchase one, you can check out online aircraft brokers such as or





These sites allow you to search for specific models based on make and year. You can also choose from different types of helicopters, such as the Robinson R22 or Bell 206 Jet Ranger II.





If you're looking for a used two-person aircraft, be sure to check the status of its airworthiness certificate before buying it.





An airworthiness certificate indicates that an aircraft has been inspected by an authorized mechanic and is safe to fly under certain conditions (such as weight restrictions).





If this document isn't available, then it's possible that the owner doesn't know all of the issues with their aircraft and could be trying to sell it without disclosing them to potential buyers (or they may not care).





Two person helicopters are much larger than one person helicopters, due to the additional weight of the second seat.





The price of these machines can vary quite a bit depending on the features and accessories you want. You can purchase a two-seat helicopter with or without doors and with or without a canopy.





If you plan to fly in bad weather, then you may want to consider buying an enclosed model with a full canopy and doors.





On the other hand, if you only plan to use your helicopter for pleasure, then an open-air model might be more appropriate.





If you want to fly at night, then you will need some kind of lighting system on your helicopter (such as lights mounted on the skids). This can add considerably to the cost of your machine.









Final thought







The average cost of a private helicopter depends largely on the type and size of chopper, how long you keep it, where it's being taken, what type of service is included, and whether or not additional crew members are needed.





That said, the average cost of hiring a private helicopter can generally be expected to run somewhere between $2500-$5000 an hour.





Obviously, regardless of the amount of money you have, you should always prioritize safety.





But the cost of hiring a private helicopter might be something that you can afford, depending on your wealth. At the very least, it's likely cheaper than you might expect.





Air Charter Service can help you charter vehicles large and small, but it may be tricky to know how much exactly you will have to pay in advance.





There are a large variety of factors which work together to determine the exact cost of hiring a chopper. Where are you flying? What time is your flight? How far will you have to travel?





All these questions need to be answered and the cost worked out so that you know what you are dealing with before the flight takes place.



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