Enjoy Arabic

What is [Enjoy Arabic]?

It is a comprehensive curriculum that takes you from the very basics to a professional level in Arabic. It can be used easily by all English speakers (12 years and above), serving as a reliable self-study reference that can be accessed anytime and anywhere (offline).

Moreover, this curriculum offers a user-friendly approach, making it suitable for self-learning or as a supplemental resource. Even if you’re a student of Arabic in a school, university, or institute, utilizing this curriculum will ensure excellence and accelerate your progress.

Enjoy Arabic

Why is it different?

The curriculum focuses on using colours, symbols, tables, and other visual design elements in an effective manner that enables the learner to understand and remember the information easily and quickly and saves him a lot of time and effort.


Enjoy Arabic sounds!

Moreover, to ensure you learn the correct pronunciation, the curriculum provides the pronunciation of all Arabic words through the voice of our professional voiceover artist with over 15 years of experience

Where to start?​

Basically, the curriculum consists of 12 Apps (interactive e-books), and to help you select the appropriate Apps that suit your needs, consider the following questions:

Throughout your learning journey, we will offer full support at any time (through WhatsApp, email, or private messages). So, it would be great if you joined our Instagram and YouTube pages where you will find a lot of free useful information.

Hello, I’m Bushra, the author of the Enjoy Arabic curriculum. I am half Palestinian, half Syrian and I was born and grew up in Saudi Arabia.

Since my early childhood, I have actively participated in competitions for the memorization and interpretation of the Holy Qur’an. This experience has allowed me to become fluent in both classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA). Additionally, my diverse group of friends from different Arab countries has enabled me to master various Arabic dialects and I became more deeply involved with them as time passed.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a diploma in graphic design. My linguistic skills include Arabic, English, and Spanish.

Throughout my school and university years, I was renowned for my ability to simplify complex subjects and assist my peers in understanding them. This unique talent sparked my desire to teach Arabic, especially after witnessing the struggles many learners, including native Arabs, faced with Arabic grammar and syntax.


Motivated by a deep love for my mother tongue, I dedicated myself to teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, and after years of research and joining several training courses in methods of teaching Arabic as a foreign language, I developed a comprehensive curriculum that aims to make Arabic learning accessible and effective. My engineering background inspired me to arrange information in an efficient, structured way while I used my design skills to incorporate symbols, shapes, and colors that facilitate understanding and memorizing information, saving learners a lot of time and effort.

Warm regards,


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