Welcome to this dedicated page aimed at helping you quickly and easily learn and master the Arabic language. 

My name is Bushra, and I am an Arabic language private tutor. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, where I actively participated in competitions involving the memorization and interpretation of the Holy Qur’an, allowing me to become fluent in both Classical Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic (MSA).On the other hand, because my parents and friends were from different Arab countries, I gained the skill to speak multiple dialects and became more deeply involved with them as time passed.
Driven by my love for my mother tongue and my desire to teach it to as many people as possible simultaneously, I have developed a comprehensive curriculum that takes you from the very basics to a professional level in Arabic. This curriculum is beneficial for both beginners and advanced students, serving as a reliable reference that can be accessed anytime and anywhere (without the need for the Internet). Divided into interactive eBooks. 
Moreover, to ensure you learn the correct pronunciation, the curriculum provides the pronunciation of all Arabic words through the voice of our professional voiceover artist with over 15 years of experience. 
Throughout your learning journey, I will offer full support, and you can reach out to me at any time (through email or private messages). Additionally, I encourage you to subscribe to our Instagram and YouTube pages, where we provide valuable information. 
Finally, to help you select the appropriate interactive eBooks that suit your needs, consider the following five questions, which will guide you toward achieving mastery in Arabic:
1. Are you a BEGINNER seeking to learn the Arabic language from scratch? Or have you previously learned it but need a refresher on letters and basics? This App (interactive eBook) is tailored for you!
2. Are you proficient in reading and writing Arabic and want to acquire a BANK of commonly used vocabulary and phrases to apply in real-life situations? This App (interactive eBook) is designed for you!
3. Do you wish to study the basic GRAMMATICAL rules of Modern Standard Arabic in a simplified manner, enabling you to confidently construct ERROR-FREE sentences? This App (interactive eBook suits your needs!
  •   If you are interested in mastering advanced linguistic methods in MSA, such as negation, interrogation, exclamation, exception, praise, disparagement, and more … click here! 
  • If you are looking for a reference of Arabic adjectives in detail, click here!
  • If you are looking for a reference of Arabic three- and four-letter verbs with their conjugations, click here!
  • If you are looking for a reference of Arabic five- and six-letter verbs with their conjugations, click here!
5. Have you previously studied Classical Arabic/ MSA and now wish to delve into learning COLLOQUIAL DIALECTS? This will allow you to further integrate with Arab communities and comprehend DAILY SPEECH and dialogue. Depending on your interest, we offer interactive books for the: Levantine dialect, Egyptian dialect, and Gulf dialect.
Lastly, if you already possess an intermediate or advanced level in Classical Arabic and desire to delve deeper, reaching a PROFESSIONAL level, we provide two interactive eBooks specifically tailored for you: Advanced grammar1, Advanced grammar2. 
Thank you for choosing our resources, and I wish you the best of luck on your Arabic learning journey.
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